EMU (2-3) Program

Our toddler room is always filled with a variety of stimulating activities to keep your children on their feet – we know how energetic they can be! We provide experiences that challenge, support and encourage your child to grow and learn.


Our toddler program is designed to stimulate, challenge and provide opportunities for your child to develop skills they will need later in life. Providing a routine is an important part of helping children feel comfortable and encourages them to try new things. Our educators ensure a routine is always maintained in the Toddler room, including self-help skills such as toilet training, self-feeding, applying sunscreen and filling up water bottles.


Our team encourage toddlers to stay active through physical activity in our fitness programs. These programs challenge their motor skills and coordination and also allows them to build strong social relationships with other children. Creative art & craft and roleplaying provide children with the opportunity to use their imagination, freedom and expression.


What we offer to you:

  • We provide everything - all nappies (our nappy room is located in the Nursery room and offer toilet training facilities), linen, milk, hats, bibs and all meals.

  • We provide fresh, home-cooked nutritious meals that cater to allergies and other dietary/religious requirements.

  • Toddlers can enjoy and experience a variety of activities each week, including Active/Fitness classes, Music/Dance classes, Yoga classes and Munch & Move (as part of our Fitness Program).

  • Our outdoor environment is large and contains natural spaces for children to explore, investigate and learn. Our outdoor equipment allows children to develop their gross motor skills and supports their physical development.

  • The toddlers are given opportunities to learn in small groups, using our SmartBoard screen in our Interactive Learning Room. It is created to stimulate their imagination and develop language, motor, literacy, numeracy and social skills.

  • Educators read stories throughout the day to enhance your child’s language, literacy, numeracy and cognition skills that will be needed later in life.

  • The toddler program includes cooking lessons, gardening lessons, music time, art & craft, drama and environmental sustainability lessons as part of our Stimulate Program.

  • Our educators teach children to respect other cultures and provide opportunities to develop strong connections to families and the community, as part of our Being, Belonging & Becoming Program.