Our Team

Our team consists of highly trained and professional educators with huge hearts of gold. One Step Up is a friendly, loving and caring environment that is reflected through our wonderful team. When we employ educators, we don’t only see their experience and qualifications, we factor in their passion, love and guidance they provide to the children in their care. We offer our team professional development to support their growth and development.

Miss Cloe 

Miss Sally
Centre Manager 

Miss Bronte 
Flamingo (3-5)
Room Leader

Miss Wai
Flamingo (3-5) Educator 
Miss Steph 
Penguin (0-2) Room Leader 
Miss Anisha 
Emu (2-3) Educator 

Miss Maria 
Penguin (0-2) Educator

Miss Haley 
Penguin (2-3) Educator 

Miss Katlyn
Emu (2-3) Educator 

Miss Pia 
Penguin (0-2) Educator