Pre-school Program

Our Preschool program offers a stimulating and balanced environment where children can build a strong sense of identity and create a foundation for learning. The years in the lead up to primary school are the most important years of your child’s life. Our school readiness program prepares children for their primary school years.

Our Preschool Program allows your child to build their confidence in all areas that they will need now and in the future. We focus on the needs, interests and abilities of each individual child and ensure our program stimulates this. Our educators help your child become more independent through everyday skills such as eating lunch on their own, going to the toilet, dressing themselves and following instructions. Throughout the day, our educators stimulate your child by incorporating games into the program which will allow their concentration skills to increase and encourage them to work as a team with their peers. Fine motor skills are encouraged to be used throughout the day through simple activities such as cutting out a piece of paper or holding a pencil.


What we offer to you:

  • We have a qualified Early Childhood Teacher (ECT) in the pre-school room.

  • Educators read stories to the pre-school children 3-4 times a day, which improve language, literacy, numeracy and cognition skills.

  • Our educators teach children to respect others through diversity and language and encourage strong connections with families and the community.

  • Our fitness program encourages children to stay active and healthy. Offering sporting classes, yoga, dancing, music and movement classes. This allows the children to build confidence and learn new skills.

  • We have an Interactive Learning Room where we focus on reading, writing, maths, science, problem-solving etc all appropriate to your child’s age. This room is designed to take small groups of children up each day and participate in school readiness learning experiences on our smartboard.


Our School Readiness and Transition to School Program

Our School Readiness Program commences once your child joins our Preschool room. Our educators are highly trained in preparing and implementing experiences for each individual child.


Our School Readiness & Transition to School Program includes;

  • Homework Books

  • Interactive Learning Room with our Smart Board (Incorporating our Letterland Program within this time)

  • Excursions to local Primary Schools

  • Transition to School Workshops (Guest speakers include Speech Pathologist, School Principal, Kindergarten Teacher, Occupational Therapist and a Parent from the previous year to talk about their transitioning experience)

  • Towards the end of the year, we encourage children to pack their own lunch boxes and bring to One Step Up Childcare

  • Two Transition to School Booklets:

  1. NSW Transition to School Statement,

  2. I am going to School booklet

  • Graduation Day Celebration and Certificate