PENGUIN (0-2) Program

Our educators work closely with each family to ensure we meet the needs of their child and continue to maintain their daily requirements and routine in a caring and nurturing manner. It is very important and essential that educators build secure attachments with each child at this age. This is created through one-on-one time with each child, to ensure they develop a strong, trusting relationship that allows your child to feel safe, secure and supported.


We understand that each child grows differently, learns differently and reach their milestones at different times. We cater to the changing nutritional needs of your child, with our on-site cook preparing fresh home-made meals, providing a variety of healthy foods that give your child the nutrients they need in order to grow and learn. Our hygiene practices are very high and are strictly followed.


What we offer to you:


  • Our Nursery room provides your child with an opportunity to socialise with other babies and develop their communication skills.

  • We provide fresh, home-cooked nutritious meals that cater to allergies and other dietary/religious requirements.

  • We provide everything - all nappies (our nappy room is located in the Nursery room and offer toilet training facilities), linen, milk, hats, bibs and all meals.

  • We encourage babies to develop their fine and gross motor skills, with age-appropriate toys and experiences. Our educators also encourage self-feeding when your child is at that stage, to help them become independent.

  • Our program includes a variety of experiences to support the learning and development of your child, including sensory activities, singing, music & movement, reading stories and art & craft.