Our Philosophy 

Here at One Step Up Childcare, we aim to provide the highest level of education and quality care ensuring the safety and encouraging the health and development of the children in our care in a safe, nurturing, home-like environment, which holistically reflects the world in which the children live.

We are heavily inspired by Reggio Emilia and have a desire to equip each child with cognitive, social, emotional physical and language skills. We do this through our emergent curriculum that heavily focuses on being responsive to children's interests to create meaningful learning. We provide mass opportunities for open ended play as we believe this allows children to freely and creatively express themselves and are not bound by any preset limitations. All educators at One Step Up strive to reflect and initiate ‘The 100 languages of children’ pedagogical strategy as we believe children learn through their senses express their thoughts and demonstrate creativity.


We believe that families are the most important influence of a child's development, and therefore frequent parent involvement and the inclusion of our families and community is such a vital part of our program. We aim to reflect and embrace the values of the community in all its diversity and acknowledge the original custodians of this land, it’s people and their language and all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the community. We role model positive interaction at all times continuously working towards developing and maintaining respectful and ethical relationships with team members, children, families and the wider community. We strongly believe in respecting and catering for children and families from diverse cultural backgrounds. We understand that all children and families have their own beliefs, traditions and cultures and we endeavour to foster these and whenever possible implement them into our program. We respect the diversity of children’s backgrounds and accommodate to the individual needs of each individual child.

Educators encourage, respect, and strive to support positive connections with the natural environment. As we aspire Reggio Emilia’s approach, children are empowered to make choices and take ownership of their learning environment, recognise and value the environment as a 'third teacher'.


Our team of educators are committed to providing the highest quality care and education and are consistently working towards continuous improvement in all areas of early education and management as well creating a happy place for children, to come and feel valued so they can grow and develop into the best version of their selves.