Long Day Care

Kindergarten Guide

Creative Arts & Inspiration

Our creative arts and inspiration program allows the children to express themselves in their own way. Through art and creativity, the children connect with nature and enjoy the beautiful aspects of the outdoor environment. Environmental awareness and sustainability are very important to us and are also part of our creative arts & inspiration program.


Our program includes:

  • Promotes environmental sustainability

  • Supports physical and cognitive development

  • Provides experiences with natural materials

  • Encourages children to explore outdoors

  • Encourages creative play and imaginative expression


Imaginative play allows children to become creative and stimulates their thinking and motor skills. Children express their feelings and emotions through music and movement, drama and visual arts. We encourage children to participate in our creative arts program every day to ensure they are experiencing painting, drawing, dance, drama, puppetry and music. We often invite special guests who entertain the children with fun and interactive performances.


Do you love being outdoors? We do!


Spending regular time outdoors can reduce stress and anxiety, support creativity and imaginative play, increase memory, attention and thinking, develop respect, appreciation and responsibility for nature and increase social and physical development. Our outdoor playground compliments and reflects our indoor environment. This is designed to keep the learning environment flowing and have no boundaries for creativity, inspiration and imagination. When children play outdoors, they learn at the same time. It is a great way to allow children to express their feelings. The children learn to grow vegetables and herbs as part of our gardening program. We teach your children lifelong values about caring for our environment.